Although it seems odd to devote a whole section of this site to cemeteries, the subject didn't really fit right anywhere else and there is a surprising amount of history to go along with cemeteries. One interesting note is that according to a letter sent to Alfred Noon from the mayor of Ludlow, England the name, "Ludlow" may actually mean "the grave, or burial hill of the people."

Sikes Cemetery

Sikes Cemetery

This is the oldest cemetery in the town and is located on Munsing Street. The land here was used as a burial ground even before it was given to the town for use as a cemetery in the 1770s. The cemetery has not been used since the early 19th century according to McChesney (in Noon's book, he states that this cemetery is still being used as of 1911) and many of the bodies buried there no longer have a gravestone. This cemetery is very small and has an old stone wall around it, built in 1865.

Fuller Cemetery

Fuller Cemetery

This cemetery is located next to the First Church in Ludlow at the center of town. This cemetery became a town cemetery in 1801 but was also used as a burial ground before then, probably as early as 1786. The oldest grave at this cemetery belongs to a 5 year old boy who was run over by the wheel of a cart during that year. There was also a hearse house constructed at this cemetery that is no longer present. This cemetery is no longer in use for burials.

East "Ould" Cemetery

East Cemetery

Also known as the "Ould Burying Ground," this cemetery is perhaps one of the least known cemeteries in town as it is not near any main roads, similar to the Sikes cemetery. This cemetery lies off of Poole Street and is half in Ludlow and half in Belchertown. The first person buried here is Hannah Olds who died in 1802 and is on the Belchertown side. This cemetery is only used today for burials in existing family plots.

Jenksville Cemetery

Also called the Village Cemetery, this cemetery no longer exists. This cemetery may have been in use as early as 1811 and was located where the Masonic building and the two houses east of it are on Winsor Street today (this is an approximation, I'm still working on finding its exact area). This cemetery was closed in 1902 and the 475 bodies were moved to the Island Pond cemetery. The land was then sold to the Ludlow Manufacturing Associates.

Center Cemetery

Center Street Cemetery

Located on what is now known as Center Street, very close to the Fuller Cemetery, this cemetery dates back to 1842. The oldest burials that occurred here all date back to 1843 and this cemetery was still in use as of 1974.

The Island Pond Cemetery

Island Pond Cemetery

The sixth cemetery to be created in Ludlow, this is also the newest cemetery in Ludlow. At the end of the 19th century the town needed more space to bury the dead and this is when this cemetery was created. This is the largest cemetery in Ludlow and is still actively used today. It stretches all the way from Center Street to Chapin Street and can be entered from both streets.